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8 Ways to Protect Your Family from 5G Radiation


We live in a fast-paced digital world where everyone, including children, have access to gadgets from smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and laptops/ PCs. Let’s face it, the majority of us would find it unbearably annoying if our access to Wi-Fi was cut off. Some would even say that Wi-Fi is life; the faster the better.

Because of this clamor for better and faster service, telecommunications companies have produced a better kind of new cellular technology called 5G. Many people are excited because tech companies say that this technology can transfer data up to 20 times faster  than the current 4G coverage. Many of us would indeed find this amazing because who doesn’t want to download stuff or live-stream a movie at faster speeds without any buffering.

But before you start celebrating this up-and-coming technology, hold your horses because this area is understudied and with it may come a whole new set of health perils. Currently, we are already exposed to EMF (electromagnetic field) Radiation everyday because of our 4G access, cellphones, microwave ovens, television screens, computers, and the like. What changes everything now is our lack of understanding the risks of 5G, as it will be operating on a completely different and untested frequency.

The word safe is actually difficult to associate with EMF radiation, especially when it comes to the 5G category. As of today, there are already many known risks of it producing  large amounts of radiation exposure to the human body. This is actually frightening when we pause to consider the fact that all of us are already exposed daily to electronics, which transmit low-frequency radiation.

However, with the advent of the 5G, this lower risk may turn into a high risk exposure. The cumulative effect of this could be extremely damaging for us humans, yet some people may not take it seriously because we do not see immediate ill-effects, with more negative results manifesting over a long period of time.

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5G Radiation – The Primary Difference

To fully understand the huge impact of 5G EMF radiation, we have to understand the main differences of 5G with 4G and the rest. The 4G and previous gens use lower frequency waves. This means reception towers can be far apart and things will still work properly.

However, with 5G which rely on shorter waves and higher frequency wavelengths, this means that 5G reception towers need to be closer to each other. Every home may eventually have their own mini cell receptor for improved coverage and that may have a huge impact on our health.

Scientifically speaking: 4G networks frequencies are below 6GHz, whereas 5G networks are in between 30GHz and 300GHz. This implies that 5G networks function on higher frequencies without using longer-range radio waves. The shorter range waves work for 5G but they cannot travel far distances; however, they are more efficient for carrying data.

Apart from being efficient, 5G can actually provide better directional accuracy than 4G. The latter is capable of shooting both radiation and radio waves in various directions, which is not a great way to deliver data to clients. With 5G towers, they can provide more accurate data beams with better concentration; thus, supplying faster and better bandwidth to more devices.

However, with this speed comes the potential danger because every electronic device gives off some form of EMF. What’s worrisome are the bigger ones like your cell tower will emit more. Putting up more 5G towers for improved reception will also mean more radiation exposure for everyone.

EMF Radiation Exposure – Possible Health Effects

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) determined  that radio frequency radiation may actually be a carcinogen. This risk may be amplified with the use of 5G networks, which relies on much shorter wavelengths with more reception towers, leading to much higher levels of 5G radiation emissions than we’ve seen in the past.

Remember, the more reception towers we have, the more we are at risk from the dangers of radiation. The perils to our health also have something to do with lengthy and regular exposure, which will increase drastically with the installation of 5G reception towers. This means that 5G shall be a constant companion in our daily lives, making it even more difficult to avoid its ill-effects.

This is the reason some countries have laws regarding limiting access to gadgets, especially for children. For instance, a study in Namibia led to banning the distribution of advertising mobile devices to children as a way to reduce their consumption and exposure to radiation. As there has been a dependence on devices, a group called Mobi-kids has a study underway in 13 countries to examine the ill effects of gadgets, especially to children on a deeper scale.

In addition, programs like The National Toxicology Program recently provided information that discusses a range of studies regarding the dangers of mobile signals in general. EMF is known to induce headaches, seizures, sleeping disorders, lethargy and it can even trigger anxiety and depression. Exposure to super high-risk EMF like 5G radiation can even increase a woman’s risk of suffering a miscarriage.

The lack of specific and thorough research on the new 5G tech makes this an even more risky proposition. Last April of 2018, the International Society of Doctors for the Environment called for a halt of the implementation of 5G technology so more research could be conducted and more precautionary measures implemented.

However, this may just be a pipe dream as the current 5G technology is already in the process of being rolled out. In fact, it is already present in countries like China and the US. In addition, studies such as this take years to complete, making it virtually impossible to make those companies who have invested in the infrastructure simply wait for conclusive results.

As users of technology, it is our responsibility to not be mindless and passive consumers of these products offered in the market. We must educate ourselves on current research to be aware of the possible risks. After all, as the saying goes, knowledge is power.

Happy young family have fun on beach with connected hands while protecting children from 5G EMF Radiation

5G Radiation Health Risks – What You Can Do

You should do everything to protect yourself and reduce you vulnerability to potentially harmful 5G Radiation. While there are no ways you can totally shield yourself from EMF, consider the following steps below to help you keep safe and minimize the dangers of 5G radiation:


  • Keep Your Distance from EMF Whenever Possible







This may seem like a difficult task with everyone owning a mobile gadget. On top of that, it is common for anyone of us to spend inordinate amounts of time with these devices every day. Some even carry their phones in their back pockets or sleep with these gadgets under their pillows, both of which massively increase exposure to radiation.

With the coming 5G revolution, all of us must become even more vigilant in limiting our exposure to radiation. This means having to make conscious decisions to stay away from your phone and other devices. There are various ways to limit this such as:

  • Minimize carrying your phone in your pocket, instead put it in a separate bag so there’s at least a barrier and some distance between the device and your body.
  • Avoid keeping your phone with you at night and do not put in under your pillow. If possible, leave it in another room to charge so you are not tempted to continually check it, which just disturbs your sleep. Leaving it in another room means you are not exposed to radiation while you’re sleeping.
  • Try to limit the amount of time you have it, especially when it’s in call mode when it emits the strongest radiation. During these times it is best to use your loudspeaker or hands-free device.
  • Turn if off when it is not in use. The best time to do this is at night or when you least use it. If you need it as some sort of alarm and you can’t stand it being totally off, then consider airplane mode which reduces the radiation drastically.

All of these suggestions apply to other devices like your laptop, iPad and the like, which will all be updated to run on the new 5G in time. One important tip, take your router out of communal rooms where you often congregate as a family so you and your kids can limit risk to harmful radiation.

Make it a habit to sit far away from your computer screen or laptop. Increasing the space between yourself and your electronic gadgets will not completely prevent exposure to 5G radiation, but it will still help lessen the risks associated with prolonged exposure and use. It may be best to start doing these practices before 5G tech has completely infiltrated the market because by then you may find it even more difficult to adjust.


  • Consider Where you Live and Take EMF Radiation Precautions






Of course, it is not going to be easy to move if you live near a cell tower, especially if you own your house or condo. However, it is still critical to know these important pieces of information. The infrastructure necessary to support a 5G network will be very expensive, so experts believe that the concentration will be in urban areas in the beginning.

At this very moment we are already seeing 5G in large metropolitan areas in the United States, China, and around the globe. It may take time for rural and suburban areas to catch up to the more expensive 5G towers. Companies develop them later because the rate of getting a return on investment is slower in rural areas with the lesser population density.

Taking this into account, if you live in a rural area, you may have more time to prepare yourself and your home for blocking the coming of 5G frequency radiation. This means beginning to change your habits early on so you can grow more accustomed to them. Moreover, those in the suburbs can also prepare the necessary materials ahead to build a safer home against EMF radiation.

If you do live in a larger city, you must take this information into account. Try to find where these dangerous cell towers are located. If you spot one near your condo or apartment you may invest in protective shields or consider moving your family into a different and much safer location.


  • Take EMF Levels Whenever Possible






Some may say this is a very drastic measure, but really, there is no harm in taking EMF level readings. Prevention is safer and better than needing a cure. If you truly want to minimize radiation this can be detected by having the right device on hand.

Presently, there are numerous EMF meters available online. However, none of them were specifically designed to measure 5G but instead, they detect all areas with high radiation. The Trifield TF2 is the most versatile and popular EMF meter at a reasonable price point.

Don’t stress because it will not break the bank. We checked the pricing of this EMF meter device online and they are reasonably priced. With this on hand you can begin detecting EMF energy right away.

Remember, this device will not single out what kind of radiation it is. It will only identify high sources of radiation. Later on, it is up to you to determine what you’re going to do with these areas deemed as unsafe for their sky high radiation levels.

In the future, identifying the location and strength of intensity of 5G EMF levels can help you modify your choices and routines, so you can actively avoid these areas. Soon, it won’t be long before these 5G towers will be in your city. By tracing where they are you can choose your commute to work so you can avoid their path at all possible cost.


  • Consider Installing an EMF shield




These days there are numerous products available to help in minimizing and neutralizing the 5G radiation emissions of your cell phone. To protect you from your smartphones’ radiation, check out this list of phone cases that block emitting energy. Results are grounded on lab data so check out user testimonials too and you’ll be more informed before buying.

These covers may not totally eradicate EMF radiation but they do mitigate negative issues that come with it by as much as 92%. Just read the fine print when you buy your case so you can get the right product that offers you value for your hard earned money.

Remember the most efficient and effective means of reducing radiation are placing your phone in a specialized case or attaching diodes that can be placed directly onto your device. These are all worth trying because they normally are inexpensive so you can test them without worries. To measure the efficacy of your cover, try checking with your EMF meter to see the actual rate.

If you are concerned about exposure to 5G radiation then you can opt to purchase an even bigger EMF shield designed for larger devices like your TV and desktop PC. They may look very unsightly because they appear like large metal cages. While they may not be stylish they are efficient at doing their job.

For extra precaution, you can also purchase EMF radiation shielding fabrics  that can be sewn into your own clothes as liners for protection. You can even hang them over your bed frame for ultimate protection while you’re asleep.


  • Be Vigilant in Protecting Your Home




While EMF shields are nice to own for your home, there are other steps you can take to limit your 5G radiation risk. Our homes are our ultimate safe havens and we must do everything in our power to keep it that way.

These tips are worth noting and practicing even as early as now because remember all gadgets emit EMF radiation in varying levels. This protection will become even more beneficial when 5G frequencies are completely implemented. Consider doing the following to keep you safe:

  • Take the plug off Wi-Fi enabled devices when you’re not using them. These are especially beneficial for children, especially females and pregnant women which studies indicate are more susceptible to the risks of EMF. Apparently, high levels of EMF have an impact on health and development, especially in the reproductive system.
  • Keep your bedroom a gadget free zone for added protection. This will not only help you with developing healthy sleeping habits but it will minimize your EMF exposure. Remember, night sleep is important for the regeneration of healthy cells and recharging of all human beings so the last thing we want is to impede that process with harmful EMF surrounding us.
  • Apart from unplugging Wi-Fi enabled gadgets, consider unplugging the actual Wi-Fi router when not in use. This is the simplest and most beneficial way that can limit exposure to harmful EMF. This will be even more critical to do when 5G takes over as the go-to frequency.
  • Consider purchasing EMF protective paint which has the capability of limiting the amount of radiation that can seep through your walls. This is akin to the EMF fabric noted above. It may be a more pricey method though, especially if you intend to use it all over your house.

The most important considerations when you are protecting your home and your family from 5G radiation is by eliminating, moderating and educating yourself and your loved ones. This is especially geared towards children as they rely on the adults to guide them in the proper things they must do.

If you are afraid your child is spending too much time on his or her gadgets, then it is time to offer alternatives. Teach your children the value of moderation and explain to them why it is critical so they can understand the situation. Children who are educated on the perils of 5G and EMF radiation in general will make better choices.


  • Combat EMF Radiation With a Healthy Diet




You may be thinking this is a weird suggestion that doesn’t belong in this list for battling 5G radiation. However, don’t jump to conclusions because the human diet can actually make a significant difference to the effects of radiation exposure.

Again, this step may not be designed to wipe out EMF radiation totally, but knowing how to combat the effects of radiation exposure can help minimize the damage. Radiation has negative effects on our body because it increases the harmful levels of free radicals, that happen to be the primary cause of cancer. Free radicals makes our cells oxidized causing their mutation, which is what cancer is all about.

The easiest way to combat free radicals that damage the DNA due to radiation exposure is to eat foods that have high ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. Examples of these are basil, asparagus, walnuts, pecans, blueberries, dates, pomegranate, rosemary, cinnamon, and more.

On top of these, make sure you consume a good level of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D3, which are readily sourced from fish. Doing this will optimize your body’s capability to ward off free radicals and reduce damage from EMF radiation.


  • Connect with Mother Nature 




Just like the previous category, this may seem like another unusual suggestion for this list. But connecting with Mother Nature, also known as earthing or grounding, is rooted in the concept that suggests humans must stay attuned and synchronized with Earth’s magnetic frequency. Doing so possesses numerous benefits to our health. This actually works on the same principle as the ORAC food, as it reduces oxidative stress in the body.

Earthing is simple because all you have to do is walk outside with no shoes. Doing so reduces any charge within your body and you get to equalize with the Earth’s electrical frequency through naked feet. This reduces the harmful effects of radiation exposure and it also deters the free radicals from accumulating in the body.

This method may not be perfect and one hundred percent fool-proof, yet there are studies that show the effectiveness of grounding when it comes to EMF exposure. This particular study found in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health exhibits that earthing has positive effects on human beings’ general health, which includes the reduction of EMF radiation absorption.

Thus, walking around barefoot is a critical component to helping all of us regain our balance in this techno-centric world. And of course it doesn’t hurt that this procedure can actually deter free radicals and combat radiation. Walking five to ten minutes a day and feeling our lawn tickling our feet, may not be such a bad idea at all. The healing and calming presence of your feet on terra firma is the ultimate healer and protector.


  • It is Critical to Educate Yourself




As with any other issue, the first line of defense is always education and information. Keep yourself abreast on the typical sources that put you and your family at risk, especially when it comes to the controversial topic of 5G EMF radiation risk. When you know what to watch for you can take the necessary precautions to keep risks at bay and avoid exposure.

Keep your eyes focused on the news and actively research relevant information on the most recent tests and studies conducted concerning 5G EMF radiation. This is everyone’s responsibility as active users of these devices. Doing this will help you make better decisions for you and your family based on factual information rather than on conjecture.

Right now there are many existing studies on 4G ill effects and dangers. Though 5G is currently developing with studies under way but results taking years to be conclusive, we can all use the 4G data to make smart extrapolations about what to expect with the emergence of 5G EMF frequency and radiation.

Final Words On 5G Radiation – Use, Exposure and Protection

As citizens of this modern world who are very dependent on technology, we shall always be exposed to harmful EMF that is emitted by all devices in varying levels. With 5G radiation already present in major metropolitan cities around the world it is only a short matter of time before they reach your location.

Since we cannot stop this technology from advancing, the only thing we can do is to take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy. By changing bad habits like keeping our phones underneath our pillows or keeping them in the room with us, we can seriously lessen our exposure to the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

At the end of the day, these are only gadgets that do our bidding and are subject to our control. We have the ability to outwit these technological devices to ensure that 5G radiation exposure is minimized in our lives.

Cancer, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, poor eyesight and more are enough reasons for us to be concerned with the ill effects of radiation. Ultimately the power rests in our hands, which is why we must educate ourselves so we may take the necessary preventive measures to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.


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